DryBuddyEZ Bedwetting Alarm



The first complete full-featured enuresis alarm system at an extremely low and affordable price


*Value * Quality * Convenience

  • Unmatched user convenience
  • Professional Design
  • Exceptional Value
  • Quality Tested
  • Flexible Attachment Options
  • Can be used discreetly by day with the vibration alert

And for extra peace of mind:

  • FDA Registered
  • Meets Environmental RoHS requirements
  • CE certified

Comfort:  The DryBuddyEZ has been designed with your child or patient's comfort in mind.  The small receiver unit can fit and attach comfortably at the night-shirt collar or any part of the night/sleep shirt.  The loud trumpet fanfare and/or vibration will wake the user promptly.

Convenience:  The patent pending attachment mechanism is unique.  The clip grips clothing firmly so that the alarm does not move.  The safety-pin (supplied) can also attach the DryBuddyEZ to any part of the shirt that is convenient.  The stainless steel clip sensor is easy to attach to standard cotton briefs and will not come loose from the alarm when the user moves in his/her sleep.

Innovation:  The DryBuddyEZ has an unique design and excellent attachment mechanisms, with patents pending.  DryBuddy bed wetting alarms provide convenience and ease-of-use through innovation.

Efficiency:  No hassle or cost of supplies or modifying clothing, pads, tapes, etc.  The DryBuddyEZ and its replaceable sensor are highly affordable.  With patents pending, the DryBuddyEZ is easy on your mind and easy on your wallet.



DryBuddy EZ bed wetting alarm system



  • Attach the alarm box to the collar using the firm plastic clip(supplied), or anywhere on the night-clothing using the supplied safety pin
  • Set the alarm to Tone, Vibration or Tone + Vibration.  Volume can be adjusted.
  • Features an LED light that flashes to alert the user and parent/carer.
  • Low battery warning light




  • Worn by clipping to standard cotton underwear at the point of saturation.  The stainless steel clipping mechanism is recessed, so that external moisture from perspiration will not reach it and give false alarms.  Connected by a flexible cable that runs from the sensor to the alarm worn on the shirt.  Held securely to the underwear and routed under the nightwear to the alarm which is worn on the nightshirt.  When urine wets the underwear at the sensor clip the sensor will trigger the alarm.




1 x DryBuddyEZ alarm, 1 x Sensor, 2 x AAA Batteries, 1 x Attachment Clip, 1 x Safety Pin, User instructions in English - All enclosed in the sealed manufacturers packaging.




The DryBuddy alarm has a limited warranty for a period of 1 year starting from the date of purchase.  The DryBuddyEZ sensor and cable have a limited warranty of 90 days from the date of purchase and is considered to be a consumable item.  Any breach or breaking of any part of the DryBuddyEZ box or sensor/cable voids the warranty.  Warranties do not apply to batteries.  All genuinely defective items will be repaired/exchanged for similar items while under warranty.  Products cannot be returned for a refund unless they are absolutely new and unused and the outer box and wrapper has not been opened.  Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the date of purchase.